Saturday, September 26, 2015

Low Tide, Linda Mar Beach - Day Twenty-Six of the 30/30 Challenge

Low Tide, Linda Mar Beach,
 Watercolor on Arches #140 Cold Press Paper, 6"h x 6"w, 2015 #28

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Day Twenty-Six of the challenge -- another little plein air study I completed at the Linda Mar beach of Pacifica. The sun was setting behind a thin veil of clouds, and there is an intense purple-magenta glow through moistened air. The tide is out, ten thousand little channels on the wet sand beach glisten with warm golden reflections. Because the fog is closing in, this busy beach is surprisingly empty, when the near-shore rock formations were back lid into a parade of strange and a little intimidating gigantic mystical beast sculptures. One slender figure in red drifts in with the wind, almost silently, and lingers near the distant rock form. I just had to add her into my painting. Love it when a painting almost paints itself for me -- one of those rare occasions...


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