Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work in Progress: Winter Mirage (Version 2), & Spring Breeze IV Shipped for WAS-H 35th International Show

This is my second take on the little landscape painting, "Winter Mirage", that I started a while ago. I was not entirely happy about how the colors turned out, and decided to try it again -- this time with the paper taped down on a Gator Board surface to keep it flat. I also used rough instead of cold press paper to facilitate possible granulation of the large amount of Cobalt and Ultramarine Blues used. Rough paper also makes color blending wet-in-wet relatively easy to control. I am much happier with this one compared to the last -- I love how the red and blue fused into each other in the background bushes and tress, yet still kept their own color identities. I also really liked the soft gradation of the foreground. Since this is painted on a smaller sized paper, I may elect not too add any more detail in the foreground, so that viewer's eyes can slide smoothly across it and into the middle ground, which is my center of focus.

Winter Mirage (Version 2),  
Watercolor on Arches #140 Rough Paper , 5"h x 7"w, WIP 1

I've also received confirmation today that "Spring Breeze IV" has safely arrived at Watercolor Art Society - Huston (WAS-H)'s gallery and will be hang tomorrow for viewing. WAS-H's 35th International Exhibition opens March 13th and will remain open until April 20th in their gallery. If you are in the Greater Huston Area, it's a beautiful show to drop by -- lots of amazing work from the catalog I received! The address of the gallery is 1601 West Alabama Street in Huston, and the gallery opens between 10am and 4pm every Tuesday through Saturday. This painting is for sale at the show but you can also buy it from my Daily Paintworks Gallery at a discounted price of $250, and it will be shipped (with mats but not frames) after the show comes down in April.

Spring Breeze IV 
(Juried into Watercolor Art Society - Huston's 35th International Exhibition)
Watercolor on Arches 140# Cold Press Paper , 14"h x 10"w, 2012 #16


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