Monday, March 5, 2012

Work in Progress: Summer Wakening (Slowly...)

The rose painting "Summer Wakening" is progressing ever so slowly. I want to keep the warm and cool pinks on the pedals light and delicate, but not too washed out. In the mean time, I am struggling to make the shadows look dark and rich, yet not totally out of place. I do not think I've accomplished the latter successfully so far in this painting, and may have to lift the parts that has gone too dark and not in concert with the surrounding pedal colors... It's a good thing that Lanaquarelle paper allows lifting easily! However, this paper is also very soft and delicate, so I have to be really careful when doing the lifting to avoid hurting the paper surface... 

Summer Wakening, 
Watercolor on Lanaquarelle 140# Cold Press Press Paper , 10"h x 8"w, WIP 4


  1. Hello,Arena.These papers,for me, are always a problem!
    At the end...for me, watercolor painting is easier than... choose the right paper!

  2. Me, again. The parts of the rose you have completed are superb. I would finish the rose and bud before starting to lift the background - you may not have to do that.


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