Friday, May 18, 2012

Featured!!! (Thanks Carrie!!!...)

Today I was featured in the blog of Carrie Waller, an amazing watercolor artist, in her "Friday Feature" series of artists. I feel really really really honored and happy... (Thank you Carrie for doing this despite your very busy schedule moving this weekend!...)

Carrie herself paints beautiful, sparkling, jewel-like watercolors of still life setups lid in dramatic lighting as well as landscape of places near and far. Her glass series have won top awards in national exhibitions, including twice winning Outstanding Watercolor Award in the FASO Bold Brush Contest (November and December 2011). She's also recently appeared in the "Artists Helping Artists" blog talk radio show. Considering the fact that for most of the past few years her husband was stationed in Afghanistan and she has two young boys at home to take care of, I am often amazed by how she manages to find time to paint everyday and be so prolific with high quality work... Carrie is also an incredibly kind and generous person and has given me numerous good tips ranging from the handling of the watercolor medium to how to better market my art in the big wild online world -- despite of her busy busy schedule everyday. I'm sure all of you have been to Carrie's Blog and Website -- both of which contain a wealth of information of how she creates her beautiful watercolors step by step, as well as her thought process behind these treasured watercolors. 

Preservation,  Watercolor by Carrie Waller , 14.5"h x 20"w

Thanks again, Carrie!


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