Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Wakening (Another One Finished!)

Have you ever felt that you are just in the mood of finishing things up? I think I have definitely got into that mode lately. I have dug up all the projects started since the beginning of the year, reevaluate them and putting on that precious "finishing touch". Now, most artists I have talked with mentioned that they really like the final 10% stage of their painting process, during which one normally add one after another yummy details and see the painting suddenly coming alive -- well, not me, I almost always agonize over the last 10% of any painting, spending day after day wondering whether I should modify one more little thing, and worrying about whether that might significantly affect the "freshness" of passages laid down swiftly. I have not posted finished painting consistently for a few weeks now because of this unsure feeling, but this week, I decide to not over think and just go with my gut feelings. So here we go, another one finished -- another one long overdue. I have "evaluated" (procrastinated on) it for long enough. Another look won't give me any more insight and I am happy with it now -- and most importantly, I decide not to worry about whether I would be happy with it five days or two weeks later. As one's skills steadily improve there will always be imperfections discovered on earlier work later on, but it's no reason to linger over a piece and does not allow it to emerge at the time it should have. Whatever that needs to be improved can be accomplished with the next painting -- yes, there would always be a "next painting" -- a comforting thought for me...

... That is, if I can get around finishing all those projects that I have already started and bring them all to a proper finish! :-P

Summer Wakening, 
Watercolor on Lanaquarelle 140# Cold Press Paper , 10"h x 8"w, 2012 #37

Bid at My DPW Auction (Starting Bid $65)


  1. Reading your comment to me, I had to come visit your blog. Your work is very very beautiful! You have no reasons to doubt your work as it is truly gorgeous. Too, I could see myself in your words. Finishing isn't usually the problem for me, but everything after an initial good start. I always worry that I'll ruin it if I get to a point where I like the initial start. I am so happy you are able to follow your dream! Not everyone is able to do that. I really look forward to seeing each piece. Love your blog set up and colors too!

  2. Hello Arena:) I'm kind of the same like you:) Sometimes I leave a painting for a few days or sometimes for a week to look at. Sometimes making changes sometimes leave it as it is. No rush!
    Your summerwakening is stunning as all your flowers are. I wish I could paint like you, but I can't :( You are so d... good!


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