Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another One for the 50-50 Show...

A very busy week with tons of framing, purchasing materials, picking up paintings and dropping off paintings... I was barely able to squeeze out a few minutes here and there to do this small piece of flower painting. It is a very uncommon kind of green flower that I found in our local Whole Foods store, with the name "Bells of Ireland". I liked the little bell-shaped flower heads with the unusual green color and decided to give it a try... The flower heads are almost finished but I still need to do more work on the background, which is some out-of-focus flower heads...

Green Bells of Ireland, Watercolor on Arches 140# Cold Press Paper, 6"h x 6"w, WIP 1


  1. I love the close up detail and into the wet in wetness of the dreamy background. It matches the green papers which will be up on my blog today:)

  2. The swirl inside each flower is so interesting that the painting does look completed. The point of interest is right in the middle and the viewer is invited there :0)
    Thank you Arena,

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Arena! Those greens are unbelievable - so rich.


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